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Freeman, comes after everyone has already learned of Melinda's secret. The act of confessing in this novel, however, is more important than what is confessed. You may wish to address the fact that confessing sets Melinda free even though she is the victim, not the perpetrator of the crime.

Speak certainly contains many feminist overtones. Melinda regains her voice and strength after being silenced and dominated by a male. She writes a report on the suffragettes and then stands in front of the class protesting in what she believes to be a suffragette manner.

Melinda also works hard to distinguish herself from the traditional gender roles at her high school, and she regularly satirizes the characters that happily fill those roles. What are the results and consequences of speaking in the novel? How does this affect Melinda? In some instances, she sees people humiliated, such as Rachel who speaks up against symbolism in English class.

These instances reaffirm Melinda's belief that speaking only hurts you, never helps you. However, in other cases, such as David Petrakis' stance against Mr. Neck, Melinda observes the power of speaking up.

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These instances ultimately encourage her to grow and speak again. Melinda's childhood memories do not serve simply to indicate that Melinda was once happy, but now is not.


To the contrary, they serve a much more complex purpose. Her reminiscences show her attention to identity and the fluidity of identity change. To Melinda, these identity changes have mostly been negative.

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There are also times when Melinda wishes to protect her friends from this change. When she sees Rachel kissing Andy Evans, Melinda upsets herself by remembering when she and Rachel were kids. Because Melinda has so far found adolescence so painful, she has a hard time letting go of her childhood, which seems idyllic in comparison. This contributes to the inability she feels to grow until the end of the novel. Throughout the novel, Melinda wants to deflect attention from herself and conceal her thoughts. It thus makes sense that her safe haven would be an abandoned closet where she can shut herself away and see nobody.

The closet is also a symbol traditionally used in the homosexual world.

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It functions similarly for Melinda. While she is in the closet, she has not opened up about her secret and not crossed a socially-charged line.

When might you be asked to give an impromptu speech?

It is only after she decides to leave her closet behind, and effectively "come out," that she is willing to confess, and can show her inner voice to her peers. What is the significance of Mr. Freeman acting as the recipient of Melinda's first spoken confession? Freeman is first and foremost the character that most obviously reaches out to Melinda and emphasizes the importance of recognizing and expressing emotions, not stifling them. She rejects his help at first, but eventually decides to confess to him.

This is a sign of her growth as a person. Secondly, however, a confession to Mr. Freeman is significant because it falls in line with the traditional young adult novel form. Ultimately, in order to heal, Melinda must reach out to an older, wiser adult.

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The Scarlet Letter features a woman who is exiled from society for sexual reasons. The relationship between this story and Melinda is obvious--though her classmates don't realize it, they have exiled her beacuse of the consequences of a sexual act. Maya Angelou's face appears on a poster in Melinda's closet. Angelou is known for her autobiography, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings , a coming-of -age story that illustrates overcoming racism and moving past the trauma of being raped at a young age.

She not only admitted what happened to her, but did so to the whole world, and so she serves as a role model for Melinda as she tries to find her voice. Melinda posses a distinct dislike for mirrors and her own reflection throughout the novel. You may also be asked to improvise or to prepare yourself for giving an impromptu speech while picking a topic yourself.

Sometimes there are also competitions when you need to speak in front of the judges that evaluate and grade your public speaking skills. Of course, this could be even more distressing - but mastering such skills is very important. There's a chance you might be asked to give all kinds of impromptu speeches later in life - for example, to introduce yourself to a group of people, to give a report, to say a toast, and so on. Therefore, it's important for you to prepare yourself for that kind of situations.

This could help you to struggle less with improvisations on a public, so don't hesitate to learn how to deal with that kind of speeches.

Essay Test: What Languages Do You Speak: Jazz, English, Google?

One of the best ways to do so is to come up with some good impromptu speech topics and to have them on hand to practice. The main goal of such speeches is to teach you how to improvise and how to communicate effectively even under stressful circumstances. This means that it's much more important how you deliver the information than what exactly you deliver. While this gives you more flexibility in choosing the topics, this still doesn't mean that you shouldn't keep your audience in mind.

For example, practicing funny impromptu speech topics might be enjoyable but you still shouldn't limit yourself to them only. Keep in mind that you might be asked to deliver your speech to a serious audience - and if you know how to speak well only when a topic is humorous, this definitely won't help you. The key to delivering the best impromptu speeches is not only in picking the right topics but also in understanding what is needed to make a speech great - a good structure, of course.

It isn't easy to come up with a good structure immediately but you still need to practice and to learn how to do so. Keep in mind that your audience is listening, not recording the information you give them visually. Therefore, it's very important to present all your concepts in a logical and specific manner. Any speech, not only an impromptu one, should start with the introduction.

This introduction could be very basic - the important thing for it is to be able to capture the attention of the audience. How to achieve that? You can come up with a sort of introduction that, in your opinion, could work in any situation. For example, you can start with some personal example that is relevant to the speech. Even if this example isn't obvious at first, that's okay - as long as you'll be able to tailor it to the body and the main idea of your speech, everything will be just fine. End your introduction with a strong thesis - and then move on to the body of the speech.

Be sure to mention no less than three statement and to support each one of them with arguments. Your ideas should be clear and identifiable - and the transition between them should be clear as well.