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Payambalam beach is one of the most beautiful beach in Kerala situated in Kannur. Other beaches in Kannur include baby beach, meenkunnu beach, azhikode beach, madaiparra beach, chootath beach, mermaid beach.

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The backwaters in Kerala are a chain of brackish lagoons and lakes lying parallel to the Arabian Sea coast known as the Malabar Coast. Houseboat or Kettuvallam rides in the backwaters are a major tourist attraction. Boat races held during festival seasons are also a major tourist attraction in the backwater regions. The backwaters were formed by the action of waves and shore currents creating low barrier islands across the mouths of the many rivers flowing down from the Western Ghats range.

Backwaters in Kerala for honeymoon and family holiday are quite popular. You may short some best Kerala backwaters tour packages after reading about Kerala backwaters reviews available on various websites.

The Indian Tourism Industry Tourism Essay

Eastern Kerala consists of land encroached upon by the Western Ghats; the region thus includes high mountains, gorges, and deep-cut valleys. The wildest lands are covered with dense forests, while other regions lie under tea and coffee plantations established mainly in the 19th and 20th centuries or other forms of cultivation. The Western Ghats rise on average to m elevation above sea level. Most of Kerala , whose native habitat consists of wet evergreen rainforests at lower elevations and highland deciduous and semi- evergreen forests in the east, is subject to a humid tropical climate.

However, significant variations in terrain and elevation have resulted in a land whose biodiversity registers as among the world's most significant. Most of Kerala's significantly biodiverse tracts of wilderness lie in the evergreen forests of its easternmost districts.

Tourism boost in India, Impact of Tourism on GDP, Steps taken by Govt. to boost tourism explained

Kerala also hosts two of the world's Ramsar Convention -listed wetlands : Lake Sasthamkotta and the Vembanad-Kol wetlands are noted as being wetlands of international importance. There are also numerous protected conservation areas, including In turn, the forests play host to such major fauna as Asian elephant Elephas maximus , Bengal tiger Panthera tigris tigris , leopard Panthera pardus , Nilgiri tahr Nilgiritragus hylocrius , and grizzled giant squirrel Ratufa macroura. More common species include Indian porcupine Hystrix indica , chital Axis axis , sambar Cervus unicolor , gray langur , flying squirrel , swamp lynx Felis chaus kutas , boar Sus scrofa , a variety of catarrhine Old World monkey species, gray wolf Canis lupus , and common palm civet Paradoxurus hermaphroditus.

Many reptiles, such as king cobra , viper , python , various turtles and crocodiles are to be found in Kerala—again, disproportionately in the east. Kerala's avifauna include endemics like the Sri Lanka frogmouth Batrachostomus moniliger , Oriental bay owl , large frugivores like the great hornbill Buceros bicornis and Indian grey hornbill , as well as the more widespread birds such as peafowl , Indian cormorant , jungle and hill myna , Oriental darter , black-hooded oriole , greater racket-tailed and black drongoes , bulbul Pycnonotidae , species of kingfisher and woodpecker , jungle fowl , Alexandrine parakeet , and assorted ducks and migratory birds.

Additionally, freshwater fish such as kadu stinging catfish — Heteropneustes fossilis and brackishwater species such as Choottachi orange chromide — Etroplus maculatus , valued as an aquarium specimen also are native to Kerala's lakes and waterways. Lighthouses are the main centre of attractions of Kerala beaches and coast line.

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There are 15 lighthouses in the entire state of Kerala. The major festival in Kerala is Onam.

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Kerala has a number of religious festivals. The Thrissur Pooram is conducted at the Vadakumnathan temple, Thrissur. The Chettikulangara Bharani is another major attraction. The festival is conducted at the Chettikulangara temple near Mavelikkara. The Sivarathri is also an important festival in Kerala.

Padanilam Temple is situated in Alappuzha district of Kerala, about 16 kilometres 9. Parumala Perunnal , Manarkadu Perunnal are the major festivals of Christians. Muslims also have many important festivals. Annual festival Thirayattam is conducted Sacred groves and village shrine of south malabar region kozhikode and malappuram districts in Kerala.

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  5. Kerala is also known for the many events conducted by the Ministry of Tourism for tourist attractions. Along with the guaranteed shopping experience, shoppers are provided with gift coupons for a fixed worth of purchase entering them into weekly and mega lucky draws. As compared to shopping festivals held in other countries, this Festival converts the entire state of Kerala into a giant shopping mall, incorporating not just the big players, but also the small and medium scale industries.

    Through this shopping festival, the Kerala Government intends to transform the State into a hub for international shopping experience and thereby launch "Shopping Tourism" in the state. Medical tourism , promoted by traditional systems of medicine like Ayurveda and Siddha , is widely popular in the state, and draws increasing numbers of tourists. A combination of many factors has led to the increase in popularity of medical tourism: high costs of healthcare in industrialised nations , ease and affordability of international travel, improving technology and standards of care.

    However, rampant recent growth in this sector has made the government apprehensive. The government is now considering introduction of a grading system which would grade hospitals and clinics, thus helping tourists in selecting one for their treatments. Kerala's culture is mainly Hindu in origin, deriving from a greater Tamil-heritage region known as Tamilakam.

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    Later, Kerala's culture was elaborated on through centuries of contact with overseas cultures. Other arts are more religion- and tribal-themed. These include chavittu nadakom , oppana originally from Malabar , which combines dance, rhythmic hand clapping, and ishal vocalisations. However, many of these art forms largely play to tourists or at youth festivals, and are not as popular among most ordinary Keralites, who look to more contemporary art and performance styles, including those employing mimicry and parody.

    Additionally, a substantial Malayalam film industry effectively competes against both Bollywood and Hollywood. Several ancient ritualised arts are Keralite in origin; these include kalaripayattu kalari "place", "threshing floor", or "battlefield" and payattu "exercise" or "practice". Among the world's oldest martial arts, oral tradition attributes kalaripayattu' s emergence to Parasurama. Other ritual arts include Thirayattam , theyyam , poorakkali and Kuthiyottam.

    Thirayattam is a ritual performing folk aet form of south malabe region in kerala. Thirayattam enacted i courtyards of "Kaavukal" sacred groves and village shrine.

    Role Of Promotion In Tourism Tourism Essay

    Kuthiyottam is a ritualistic symbolic representation of human bali homicide. To promote tourism as a flourishing business the government has to initiate several measures to facilitate the tourists coming to India be it an Indian or a foreigner, care must be taken to see that the time spent by the tourists at a place must be joyful, safe, comfortable and they must cherish the sweet memories of the place, of the people. The journey enjoyed by rail, bus, or by air must be comfortable.

    Tourists also like safe short haul destinations, cheap and comfortable accommodation and hygienic condition in hotels and restaurant. We can see many foreign tourists wandering here and there to know the tit-bit details and finding none to answer their queries, except the tourist guide they are having with them, that too, is generally from the foreign publishing house about a country renowned for hospitality. When one comes across touts, the fleeing rickshaw pullers, the beggars and vagrants pacing up and down the aisles in the rail coaches they are not good experiences.

    They feel themselves surrounded by cheats. The incidents of rape and sexual torture of the foreigners at the hands of miscreants, also causes a fear among the visitors. Such cases put multifold adverse effects on all our efforts to attract the tourists. We can remove all such obstacles for promoting tourism. The people, the government and all those involved in the tourism industry work together honestly and whole-heartedly.

    Everyone should realize that tourism not only helps us earn money and foreign exchange but also generates employment and thus enhance the living standard of the people. It also promotes national integration and international understanding and boosts indigenous handicraft industry and local cultural activities. Some of the agencies at central and state level are assigned the tasks for promoting the tourism in our country. The Department of Tourism, under a separate ministry at Centre, formulates various policies and programmes for the development of domestic as well as international tourism.

    It is also responsible for implementation of all the policies and for the development of required infrastructure and making necessary publicity. It is an eye opening fact that in spite of various departments and agencies engaged in the promotion of tourism in India, we are just getting peanuts in terms of revenue. Such a small country like Singapore with population of just 35 lacks attracts more than one crore tourists each year.

    Several other countries having less attraction for tourists comparing to India are earning much more. The facilities provided to the tourists, the welcome extended by the common people, the reasonable charges and most important the safety and tranquility in the country are some of the factors responsible for the more or less inflow of tourists in that country. The Government has set up a task force on tourism and taken some important steps for its promotion in India.

    Indian tourism industry contributes to around 5. The number of foreign tourists arriving from all over the world rose from 0.