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The Patriot Act

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While the government held to it that it was searching for suspected financial aids to terrorists abroad, the Muslim community on the other hand felt it was discriminatively being targeted by the security organs therefore denied existence of such financial transactions. They also largely protested at the manner in which the act was being implemented.

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The US patriot act, as the name suggests, was created to instill and encourage and thereby provide a collective approach to fight terrorism that had threatened America. The act was therefore intentionally designed to safeguard all the sensitive information regarding the American national security as well as to ensure that the various security organs were actually aware of what the public knew about National security. Indeed the encouragement of the public to give out any vital information that could help counter terrorism was largely lauded as a patriotic spirit and show of love for the country.

The implementation of the act has seen a significant drop in terror related cases in the US as well as greatly helped control Mexican drug barons and cartels who smuggle cocaine into America. However, the implementation of the act has not gone without blame. A number of US residents, especially immigrants and the Muslim community have severely complained as being discriminated against and thereby falling victims of wrong implementation of the act. The security organs agents have abused the provisions of the same act to harass innocent civilians, infringe on their privacy and wrongfully detain them on basis of no admissible evidence.

PATRIOT ACT Research Papers -

As the act faces possible extension upon its closure, the congress should make some amendments on the act as it is to provide checks and balances especially in regard to its implementation. Ball, H. United States. Washington, D. Weimann, G.

The Usa Patriot Act

Terror on the internet: The new arena, the new challenges. Wong, K. New York: Nova Science Publishers. By clicking "Log In", you agree to our terms of service and privacy policy. We'll occasionally send you account related and promo emails.

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Diana from A Research Guide Don't know how to start your paper? Worry no more! Get professional writing assistance from our partner. Click to learn more. Your e-mail goes here. Give students a few minutes prep time and have each side choose the first two or three students who will speak. Using civil discourse, reasoned arguments based on the U. After a brief designated period of time for Speaker 1 from each side 2 — 5 minutes , give the signal for the next speaker from each side to take the hot seats. Students extend and build on the initial arguments with relevant new facts and evidence—not simply repeating points previously made.

Students may volunteer to speak after the first few speakers have provided the framework of the debate. Proceed in this manner until all useful arguments for each side have been presented, most students have been speakers, and the following objectives have been addressed:. Students evaluate contradictory viewpoints concerning liberty and security. Students evaluate whether the Constitution takes on different meanings during wartime.

Additional documents that students might explore are the following: 1. Why did he see this as problematic?

Essay on The U.S. Patriot Act

In what ways might this expansion of law enforcement powers conflict with the Fourth Amendment? How is a paradigm of prevention different from the traditional goal of law enforcement — prosecution? If so, what are they? Define this term.

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What is the significance of his emphasis on that concept? In your opinion, how might enhanced law enforcement powers actually endanger the principle of rule of law? Write a short op-ed on the issue.